Play 7-on-7 with Protection

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Pads and helmets take an off-season, but safety should not! The 2nd Skull scrum cap has just the right mix of protective padding and lightweight comfort to be a must have for any 7-on-7 football player.

The speed and athleticism of today’s athletes make wearing head protection necessary even in one hand touch 7-on- 7 football. The players receive multiple impacts at high speeds even though the game itself is “non contact”. It is impossible to eliminate incidental contact or collisions during the course of a game.

The logical conclusion is to make the players safer with a soft shell cap that provides significant protection without endangering opponents.

The 2nd skull scrum cap performs both tasks. The lightweight cap reduces impact 33 percent  over a non-protected player. The scrum cap can be purchased with or without the Cue Sensor technology. The regular cap is competitively priced against other caps in the market. The patented Cue cap requires the purchase of the sensor and a data collection application. 2nd skull can provide pricing for both.

2nd Skull is a global brand and a leader in head protective products. The scrum cap is a new edition to the product suite that includes the NFL award winning 2nd skull cap. The Skull Cap is a thin cap that is worn under any helmet to provide that athlete with extra safety.

2nd Skull offers team and league discounts for all of its products.

Image result for 7on7, OR football, OR 7 OR on OR 7, texashsfootball