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The 2nd Skull Cap and Pro Cap are both widely used in manufacturing in the United States. Fortune 500 companies utilize the thin protective caps in a multitude of heavy and light industries.

The 2nd Skull Cap worn alone on top of the head provides protection in many opportunities to make many tasks safer. Whether you are working in a tight space, lying on a hard surface, or any place you might bump your head, the cap lessens impact and helps prevent minor cuts.

It is also used to improve the safety and performance of many hard hats in the workplace.


Winner of NFL Head Health Tech Challenge II

2nd Skull products are scientifically engineered to reduce impact. Every 2nd Skull comes with a thin layer of lightweight XRD, an extreme impact protection material made from special urethane molecules that are soft and flexible at rest but can momentarily harden under sudden pressure.


I love the 2nd Skull Headband. It's light and definitely provides more protection than anything else I'd wear, which is very important to me after a long career of football and wanting to stay active and competitive.

Aaron King - Retired Pro Athlete

Biomechanical testing proves that the 2ndskull caps adds protection for any athlete that uses a helmet. I recommend the caps for athletes and parents that want to maximize new technology to make them safer during practice and play.

MICHAEL Y. OH, M.D. - Vice Chairman, Education, UC Irvine Department of Neurosurgery

Knowing what I know about injuries and the effects they can have, I think it is vitally important that athletes prioritize their safety. 2ND SKULL provides a level of protection I haven't seen with any other product in it's class.

Brian DeMarco - - Retired NFL Player