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Derrick Nnadi

"Woke up a champion... what a feeling‼️ Yesterday when I took the field for the biggest game of my life I was wearing @2nd_skull - a protective skull cap with technology created from a grant dedicated to improving player safety, which is really important to me. Hit the trenches feeling protected and we got it done" - Derrick Nnadi



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The 2nd Skull Product line is now officially licensed by MLB Players, Inc.

The 2nd Skull Soccer Pro-Band

Developed in collaboration with professional players throughout Europe.

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The 2nd Skull Technology

2nd Skull products are scientifically engineered to reduce impact. Every 2nd Skull comes with a thin layer of lightweight XRD®, an extreme impact protection material made from special urethane molecules that are soft and flexible at rest but can momentarily harden under sudden pressure.

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Thanks to 2nd Skull for the amazing headband that's helped me come back [from my head injury] with fire!

Goalkeeper, Sheffield United FC