2nd Skull Pro Cap

2nd Skull Pro Cap


The Pro design was engineered with a $100,000  grant from The National Football League. The Pro cap has improved capabilities over the standard 2nd Skull cap.

Testing on the pro-style cap under the keen eye of the NFL proved that the new cap is in the same heat index category as a regular skull cap with no protective material. 2nd Skull pro style cap has the same super thin 2 millimeter XRD panels that absorb impact on contact. The thin profile makes helmet fitting a seamless experience.  The player can put the cap on just like a normal skull cap and immediately play.

Pro-style also has a new outside fabric that adds extra slippage of the helmet at contact. Biomechanical testing proves that the more the helmet can rotate on the cap the less rotational force is put on the player. The pro-style cap, with extra breathability, and the same super important impact protection is a must for all athletes that use a helmet.

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Derek C.
United States

Ice hockey goalie

Every ice hockey goalie should wear a pro cap under their helmet. I am completely comfortable making that statement. Adjusting the helmet may be necessary but I simply loosened my chin strap just a little bit. It's worth trying and I have 25 years of experience.

Brian D

THANK YOU 2nd Skull

My son plays middle school football in Texas, and he loves his 2nd Skull. The only complaint he ever had was in the early part of the season when its just blazin' hot in Texas. So THANK YOU 2nd Skull for listening and creating a lighter more breathable product for those of us in hotter climates! Well done.