Former Liverpool Goalkeeper Fran Kitching Returns to the Pitch with Confidence Wearing 2nd Skull's Protective Headband after Suffering Gruesome Head Injury

During a routine soccer practice, Liverpool goalkeeper Fran Kitching bent down to grab a stray ball from the ground and was struck in the head with a teammate's boot.Fran Kitching Head Injury During Soccer Practice

This incident not only left Kitching with a large laceration and two black eyes, but sidelined her from the sport she has dedicated her life to.

While recovering, 2nd Skull sent Kitching well wishes and a protective headband to use upon her return to the pitch. Kitching returned to training just two weeks after her injury sporting her 2nd Skull headband and turned to Instagram with her thoughts:

Instagram screenshot of Fran Kitching after her return post-head injury

This horrifying incident opened Kitching’s eyes to the importance of head protection and injury prevention in order to remain healthy for herself and for her teammates. Fran Kitching now steps on the grass each day with the confidence knowing that her 2nd Skull headband will help reduce impacts to her head. Some might think that the greatest risk for head injuries comes with heading the ball, but Fran's injury shows the risks throughout the high-impact and fast-paced sport.
All 2nd Skull products are scientifically engineered to reduce impact, including the 2nd Skull headband, which can reduce up to 60% of impacts
Kitching continues her success with her newest endeavor, goalkeeper for Sheffield United.
Fran Kitching on the soccer field wearing 2nd Skull headband after recovering from head injury