2nd Skull Makes it's Debut During Football's Biggest Game of the Year Thanks to Derrick Nnadi

Kyle Terada, USA TODAY Sports

We were ecstatic to see 2nd Skull make its debut in the biggest game of the year. Derrick Nnadi, a defensive tackle from Kansas City, hit the field wearing the 2nd Skull Pro Cap while 102 million people watched and cheered. Nnadi and teammates pulled out a victory after being down double digits.

After the game, Nnadi went to Instagram with his thoughts on 2nd Skull:

"Woke up a champion... what a feeling‼️ Yesterday when I took the field for the biggest game of my life I was wearing 2nd Skull - a protective skull cap with technology created from a grant dedicated to improving player safety, which is really important to me. Hit the trenches feeling protected and we got it done."

Player safety is key here at 2nd Skull, and during the biggest game of the year, extra protection is pertinent to allow athletes to stay in the game longer and fight for victory. As we all know, football is a heavy contact sport with many hits. Sure, they have helmets, but why not throw a 2nd Skull headwear piece under the helmet and reduce the impact?

Not only is Nnadi now a World Champion, but he goes the extra mile to give back to his local community. Prior to the big game, Nnadi was sponsoring adoption fees for one dog with every Kansas City win. After Sunday night’s big win, Nnadi announced that he would sponsor all adoption fees for dogs currently located in the KC Pet Project shelters.

World Champion. Focused on safety & protection. Community leader. What more could we ask for?