New Season, New Start, New Opportunity

It seems like winter just started, but before you know it, spring will be here. Sunshine, warm weather, and the start of many sport seasons are all on the horizon. You have to ask yourself, are you ready for the season ahead?

Learn from Your Losses

Don’t be embarrassed or afraid of last year’s defeat, instead, embrace it. Take a step back and reflect on last season and focus on how you can improve. Maybe it’s your pre-game nerves, serving skills, kicks, passes, pitches or even a deeper understanding of the strategy of your sport. Set goals for yourself. Say them out loud or write them down each morning to remind yourself what it is you’re working for.

Challenge Yourself

Let’s say last season was the best one yet. You had multiple victories, recognition from your coach and teammates, and maybe you were even the MVP. However, this is a new season and your victories are in the past. While you should still be proud of all your hard work and dedication in previous seasons, you want to focus on what’s ahead.

A new season gives you a great opportunity to challenge yourself to do even better than before. Again, setting goals is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Whether it’s beating your own personal time, scoring more runs, or advancing in certain skills, having something to work towards makes for a greater chance of success.

Seek Opportunities

Opportunities are everywhere and possibilities are endless. If you want to get ahead, go above and beyond only attending practices and games. Connect with people who have experience in your sport, go to games as a fan to observe different strategies of playing, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. It may be out of your comfort zone to start a new routine, but the only way to find opportunities is to seek them out!

Play Smart, Play Safe

We want you to make this your best season yet, but more importantly, we want you to be safe. Our protective headgear features Impact Absorbing Technology and has a soft, flexible and breathable protective layer that delivers impact protection. No matter your sport, 2nd Skull® has a protective headgear product for any activity. For more information, please visit