How to Better Protect Your Skull when Playing Sports with 2nd Skull

Mar. 2, 2018 /Maria/Close to Home/ — There is no doubt we are a sports family.  While we enjoy watching them on tv, the kids are heavily involved in different sports themselves. When my sons had the option of playing sports we told them they were allowed only one contact sport.  This was a hard decision for my middle son as he loved Lacrosse but many of his friends started also playing football.  He is a very aggressive child and we thought we would cut our odds of him getting hurt by allowing only one contact sport.  My younger son has chosen tennis, soccer and swimming while he finds his way.  My 16 daughter has changed up in sports interests since middle school, and  now is mostly involved in  field hockey and soccer at school.  I watch the headers some of these kids take and my head starts to hurt.

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How to Better Protect Your Skull when Playing Sports with 2nd Skull

We were recently introduced to a new product from 2nd Skull that will absorb some of the impact these might face in contact sports like football, soccer, lacrosse to name a few.

What is 2nd Skull? 

2nd Skull® is the manufacturer of a patented protective skull cap that fits under helmets to improve safety and mitigate the impact of blows to the head.Manufactured in the U.S., the skull cap is a compressive, antimicrobial cap with an extra thin layer of XRD® Technology, an extreme energy absorbing material. This material is made with special urethane molecules that are soft and flexible at rest and then momentarily harden under sudden pressure. 2nd Skull has conducted biomechanical testing at independent labs in North America and the United Kingdom that has shown the skull cap reduces both rotational and linear impact when worn under football and other athletic helmets. ***

What will these skull caps and headbands do for your kids in sports:

How to Add a Second Layer of Protection in Contact Kids Sports with 2nd Skull

2nd Skull products absorb impact force and add protection to the head while playing sports. 

  • Their unique construction with Poron XRD provides shock absorption qualities that are demonstrable and significant.  This claim is supported by laboratory testing.
  • 2nd Skull helps protect an athlete by providing a thin layer of material designed to absorb impact.
  • 2nd Skull products are scientifically engineered to reduce impact.
  • Poron XRD, the padding material in 2nd Skull products, has been shown to absorb energy under sudden pressure or impact.

2nd Skull products are engineered for impact and designed for comfort. 

Both the band and cap have been extensively tested, and you can review testing data specific to your sport when you visit their website.

The 2nd Skull Cap improves the performance of all helmets tested including both linear and rotational impacts.

  • The 2nd Skull Cap Fits comfortably under any sports helmet without the need for upsizing.
  • Designed with Microban(R) antimicrobial protection to defend against odors and stains. ( Anyone that has transported kids after sports will take any odor protection)
  • Made in the USA
  • Winner of the NFL HeadHealth TECH II Challenge

The 2nd Skull Band is Perfect standalone protection for sports and activities where a helmet is not utilized.  

  • Back to my thoughts about kids that take on that header in soccer.  While we can’t speak specifically for the head band, I am not sure my son would wear it.  However, the headbands do have a place for a pony tale for the girls….  Very smart design element.
How to Add a Second Layer of Protection in Contact Kids Sports with 2nd Skull

What my Teen thought about 2nd Skull

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The cap definitely has a hard core that did not seem to bother him.  He first tried on his ski helmet with the cap underneath.  It took a little tugging but it fit nicely underneath.  Watching the Olympics and the potential for dangerous crashes, I could only hope these athletes had an extra layer of protection.   He has agreed to bring this along with us on our Spring Break ski trip.   As a concerned parent, I already think here are enough life threatening injuries in Skiing that the extra layer of protection can only improve his helmet.

He then tried to put on his Lacrosse Helmet.  He was not as successful getting the helmet over the cap.  Being a stubborn teen, he did not want to try to readjust the entire helmet in attempts to get it on. We might have to work on this as there are plenty of hard impacts in Lacrosse.

So as a parent of aggressive, sports minded children, who don’t mind taking risks, why would you not add a second layer of protection to a helmet?  If my daughter was a soccer goalie, I would definitely want them to have an extra layer of protection too.  The key is making sure they have the right size so the headband does not become a distraction.

****Scientists have not reached agreement on how the results of impact absorption tests relate to neck, head, or brain injuries, including concussions.  No conclusions about a reduction of risk or severity of neck, head, or brain injuries, including concussions, should be drawn from impact absorption tests.”

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