A7FL® adds 2ND SKULL® Protective Headgear

Professional 7 on 7 league teams up with 2ND SKULL® to give players added protection

As the kickoff for the 2017 season is a few weeks away, the A7FL®, a professional 7 on 7 league is ready to take the field. American 7s Football League has teamed up with 2ND SKULL, Inc., a protective headgear company with patented technology featuring Impact Absorption Technology. The 2ND SKULL® Cap is a protective skull cap that A7FL players will be wearing this season.

“2ND SKULL® products are scientifically engineered to reduce impact. The special urethane molecules are soft at rest but harden upon impact, absorbing the energy. 2ND SKULL® helps protect an athlete by providing a thin layer of material designed to absorb impact” – said Federico Olivares”, CEO of 2nd Skull.

Sean Korkusuz CEO of A7FL said: “Our players play football without bulky pads, enabling them complete freedom of movement and performance. When we found this product it made sense to get in touch with 2ND SKULL to see if they wanted to collaborate with us as a professional sports league. We love it because there is no bulk, weight and practically looks and feels like a regular skull cap. These accessories are already used in the NFL, college, and high school levels so adding a thin layer of effective protection that doesn’t change what we want to do was a no brainer”.

“American 7s Football® format of removing helmets and removing bulky pads encourages athletes to use proper form tackling and wrap up technique.  The concept of risk homeostasis supports our findings that athletes instinctively take their head out of the tackle when you remove the helmets and hard pads.  You can see this going on with so called rugby style tackling being used at all levels of football including the NFL.”

“2ND SKULL® was a finalist in NFL’s 1ST & Future Competition during Super Bowl LI weekend in Houston. The Company competed in “Materials to Protect the Athlete” category which focused on innovative solutions that advance player safety while allowing the highest level of performance. The 2ND SKULL® Cap provides protection improvements against linear and rotational impacts. We do all of this in a simple, yet innovative product.

Federico Olivares, founder and CEO of 2ND SKULL said: “We’re very pleased to collaborate with A7FL, as it is driving an emerging sport. 2ND SKULL is the official protective headgear provider to A7FL.”

About 2ND SKULL, Inc.

2nd Skull, Inc. is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based protective headgear company with patented products. 2nd Skull® products feature Impact Absorbing Technology and have a soft, flexible and breathable protective layer that delivers impact protection. 2nd Skull® has a protective headgear product for any activity. For more information, please visit 2ndSkull.com

About A7FL, Inc.

Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, the American 7s Football League is the largest full contact, tackle football league in the United States that plays without hard pads and helmets. The goal of the A7FL is to save one of America’s favorite sports by fixing the way players tackle without sacrificing the physicality of the game all football fans love. The A7FL platform provides a modern model for the continued existence of football nationally but also the ultimate expansion of American 7s football internationally. For more information, visit: www.A7FL.com