2nd Skull, Inc and Guardian Sports Announce Partnership Focused on Athlete Head Protection.

2nd Skull and Guardian logos

PITTSBURGH, PA., Jan. 26, 2021 – 2nd Skull, Inc. today announced that it has entered into an agreement with innovative protective equipment leader Guardian Sports. The partnership brings together two organizations that have both previously earned product development grants from the National Football League as winners of the HeadHealth Tech Challenge Series, an annual event focused on the development and improvement of player safety equipment. The agreement enables Guardian Sports to directly market and sell 2nd Skull’s product line to teams, leagues, schools, and other athletic organizations across North America.

2nd Skull’s patented protective headgear will complement and help to strengthen Guardian’s exceptional line of protective products. “The team, innovation, and solutions at Guardian are second to none” said Greg Czerpak, President & Chief Operating Officer of 2nd Skull. “Many elite teams and programs trust Guardian to help keep their athletes better protected and on the playing field and we are thrilled to partner with such a talented group” added Czerpak. It was announced in August that the NFL chose to evaluate Guardian Caps and with the support of the NFL Players’ Association, permitted the Guardian Cap NXT for use in practice by NFL offensive and defensive linemen.

“At Guardian Sports our priorities are improving athlete safety and performance through equipment innovation. The 2nd Skull brand and mission aligns perfectly with these objectives and we are excited to help bring new head protection items to our customers and partners” said Erin Hanson, Owner & Chief Executive Officer of Guardian Sports. “Both organizations share a true passion for protecting athletes” said Hanson, “This partnership further aligns two companies with similar pasts and priorities.” Beyond winning development funding from the NFL, both organizations also have strong relationships with the players associations of the National Football League and Major League Baseball and combine to boast an innovation portfolio that totals 14 granted patents

Additional information can be found at www.2ndSkull.com and at www.guardiansports.com


For more information, please email info@2ndSkull.com or phone 412-709-6294.