2nd Skull to Appear on Science Channel


PITTSBURGH, PA January 4, 2016. 2ND SKULL, LLC is proud to announce that 2ND SKULL® Protective Headgear will be featured on ALL-AMERICAN MAKERS on Wednesday January 6 at 10 PM ET.

Every week on ALL-AMERICAN MAKERS, four top makers from around the nation pitch their products to a panel of three experts, venture capitalist Marc Portney, Printrbot founder and owner Brook Drumm and mechanical designer and robotics expert Brian Roe, for the chance to cut through the clutter and get their products to the public.

Each maker’s homegrown idea is put through a chain of demanding tests to find out how the product works and if it can stand up to the maker’s claims. If the product passes this first examination, they are taken directly to real consumers who put the products to the test. Drumm and Roe’s comments, coupled with the consumer feedback, are presented to Portney. The makers’ fates are in his hands as Marc decides whether to invest his own money to bring the product to store shelves.

2ND SKULL protective headgear products look like regular skull caps and headbands that professional players already wear in the NFL, NBA, MLS or WLS. The

Pro WR Brian Quick from St. Louis

Pro WR Brian Quick from Los Angeles

2ND SKULL® Cap fits under any sports helmet and delivers unmatched value for athletes as it can be worn in multiple sports. For non-helmet sports like soccer, volleyball or basketball, the company created the 2ND SKULL® Band. 2ND SKULL brings a practical and great looking solution that works in multiple sports and for athletes of all ages.

“It’s an honor for 2ND SKULL and its Impact Absorption Technology to be featured on national television on the Science Channel. It is a testament to the passion, hard work and perseverance that started 5 years ago. ALL-AMERICAN MAKERS brings to life the strength of the maker movement. It combines the scientific approach to validate claims from Brook, Brian and the Science Channel and marries that with real consumer feedback to determine if the inventions are commercially ready” said Federico Olivares, CEO of 2nd Skull.

According to the CDC, there are as many as 3.8 million reported head injuries, including concussions per year in the United States. As many as 19% of athletes participating in contact sports will experience a head injury. Research from the Cleveland Clinic concluded that even sub-concussive head injuries can also lead to long term health issues. “We are transparent about our claims and know that no helmet or protective headgear can eliminate or reduce head injuries including concussions. We claim added protection against impact”.

“We know that players get hundreds of sub-concussive hits throughout the season. High School football players receive on average 650 hits. If we can reduce each of these hits with our technology, we are doing our job”.

“Head injury concerns are starting to change how the games are played. The U.S. Soccer Federation recently announced a player safety campaign that eliminates heading for children 10 and under, and limits the amount of heading in practice for children ages of 11 to 13”.

2ND SKULL products will be tested by Brook and Brian on ALL-AMERICAN MAKERS. If 2ND SKULL gets an investment from Marc, we would be able to bring added protection to athletes at all levels across the country. We are creating and defining a new protective headgear category and having Marc on the team would be a dream come true!”

About 2nd Skull, LLC
2ND SKULL, LLC is a protective headgear company with patented products that feature Impact Absorption Technology. 2ND SKULL® products have a thin, soft, flexible and breathable layer of XRD® that delivers impact protection. The special urethane molecules are soft at rest but harden upon impact. 2ND SKULL® has a protective headgear product for any activity. The 2ND SKULL® CAP is intended for any sport or activity where a helmet is required, such as football, hockey, or baseball. The 2ND SKULL® BAND is for any sport or activity where no helmet is required and in sports such as soccer or basketball. 2ND SKULL products are approved for use at the High School level in a variety of sports. 2ND SKULL products are proudly Made in the USA. For more information, please visit 2NDSKULL.com

ALL-AMERICAN MAKERS is produced for Science Channel by Bray Entertainment. For Science Channel, Rita Mullin is General Manager, Bernadette McDaid is Vice President of Production, Joshua C. Berkley and Neil Laird are Executive Producers, and Lindsey Foster Blumberg is Producer. Chris Bray is the CEO and Dan Miller is Executive Producer of Bray Entertainment.

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