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World class protection for the world’s most popular sport. Arm yourself with 2nd Skull impact absorbing headgear and keep your head in the game...longer.

90 minutes of constant intensity and endurance, soccer players are a special breed of athlete. But just because they don’t take the field in full pads and helmets does not mean there is an absence of contact. In fact, soccer has the highest rate of concussions among female athletes compared to any other sport. The 2nd Skull Headband is your protective advantage. Whether you’re leaping to head the ball, or diving to protect your goal, be as prepared as you can be. When you want to play at your best, be protected by the best...turn to 2nd Skull.

Our Products are Prudly Made in the USA   made in the USA

Take the field with tenacity...

While heading an improperly inflated soccer ball can be harmful, the leading cause of head injuries in the sport comes from colliding with another player. You’re moving fast and the game is moving faster. When you arm yourself with 2nd Skull, all you need to worry about is keeping your head in the game. We’ll worry about keeping your head in the game longer.

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XRD Impact Absorbing Technology

Our scientifically engineered XRD extreme impact protection material significantly reduces impacts up to 53%. Giving you the confidence to throw faster and swing harder.

Flexible and Form Fitting

The 2nd Skull Pro Cap’s form fitting, sleek design allows it to be worn under most batting and catcher’s helmets. Giving you gameday worthy levels of protection and performance.

Moisture-Wicking Protection

When the game starts to heat up, you can count on 2nd Skull to keep you cool. Our lightweight, breathable material wicks sweat and moisture away so you can go the extra inning.

your protection

Our Products are Proudly Made in the USA  

The 2nd Skull Headband is scientifically proven to reduce soccer related impacts up to 53%

Headband Benefits:

Using scientifically engineered materials and supported with rigorous testing, 2nd Skull’s protective headgear offers unrivaled impact protection, all within a thin layer of lightweight and breathable material.

  • XRD extreme impact absorbing protection inspires confidence
  • 53% impact reduction by NOCSAE and ASTM standards tests
  • Spandex material keeps the headband secure and you protected
  • Sleek, lightweight 4mm design
  • Slim, stylish design allows for ponytail access
  • Moisture wicking to keep you focused
  • Microban antimicrobial protection keeps you fresh
  • Complies with FIFA Law 4
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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