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Women’s Soccer Faces Brain Trauma Challenge With a Possible Solution

One moment Kiah Mahy is racing through the soccer field, battling to win a game, and the next, she is underneath a MRI machine, awaiting her status on a head injury. At the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, a recent

A7FL® Offers Player Opportunities, Game-Changing Safety Solutions

Aug. 20, 2018 /Jerry Del Priore/Brooklyn Sports World/ — Full tackle football with no helmets and no pads? Yes, that’s what American 7s Football League (A7FL) is – a seven-on-seven full contact football association that plays sans helmets and hard, plastic pads on a

With a Rise in TBI for Military Members, New Technology is Here to Help

As technology improves and more research is done, one of the most significant health concerns that continues to affect members of the military and veterans is traumatic brain injury (TBI). Active troops continue to suffer as more cases of TBI