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Month: March 2018

Soccer and 2nd Skull

Mar. 5, 2018 /Stell/A Grande Life/ — I was watching my almost 10 year old play soccer last weekend and thinking about how much he’s changed since he first started playing way back when he was 4. I found his very first

Reducing Head Impacts This Baseball Season

Mar. 2, 2018 /Stephanie/A Grande Life/ — When stocking up on baseball gear this season, don’t forget to think about head protection! You have your helmet, now you need another layer of protection underneath! THIS IS A SPONSORED POST IN PARTNERSHIP WITH

How to Better Protect Your Skull when Playing Sports with 2nd Skull

Mar. 2, 2018 /Maria/Close to Home/ — There is no doubt we are a sports family.  While we enjoy watching them on tv, the kids are heavily involved in different sports themselves. When my sons had the option of playing sports we