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FOOTBALL SAFETY FOR DUMMIES: Innovations to Reduce Effects of Concussions in High Gear

THE FATE OF FOOTBALL: Part 4 of 4 The NFL is learning a lot from a bunch of dummies. Using the same crash test simulations that make cars safer, the NFL is using the dummies implemented by the auto industry

Pittsburgh Company 2nd Skull Wins $100,000 from NFL for its Head-Protection Beanie

A Pittsburgh company and its protective beanie designed soften blows to the head have caught the attention of the NFL. 2nd Skull won $100,000 from the NFL through the league’s HeadHealth TECH Challenge. The money will help the three-year-old company conduct

2nd Skull Scores with a Win of the NFL HeadHealth TECH Challenge II

PITTSBURGH–2nd Skull®, manufacturer of a patented protective skull cap that fits under helmets to improve safety and mitigate the impact of blows to the head during football play, announced today it is one of three winners of the National Football